tahnee oedell // owner // designer

Swimming // having a deep affinity for the ocean, lakes, and waterfalls. the reflexion and transparency through all things living. 

Crow // adaptive, intelligent, and social. a totem. a messenger. a sign of change.


"For as long as I can remember I've been interested in fashion. Whether it was barbering and styling hair or cutting and pinning things together to create a unique outfit, I've always had a pair of scissors in my hand ready to create something new." -Tahnee OeDell

Tahnee grew up on a farmhouse in rural Oregon. She was Adopted into a western family and grew up surrounded by equestrian culture. Exposed to leather working, designing, and manufacturing, in addition to having a natural eye for aesthetically beautiful things. Tahnee created, Swimming Crow. A locally owned one-woman-show. Inspired by friends, family, and travels. 

10% of all Swimming Crow's proceeds go towards Holt International Adopting Agency (Korea)  



Past events:
Theodore Roberts 
Vineyards Artshow
First Thursday - Yoyoyogi
Renegade Craft Fair (Portland, New York, Austin)

Troutdale Art walk